onsdag 25 april 2012

Future RKC candidate #6 [in English]

Tog mig kanske lite vatten över huvudet när jag lovade en intervju i veckan, det var visst lite svårt att hålla. Det är ju inte så att man överdrivet mycket tid över precis. Här kommer i alla fall nästa, denna gång på engelska!

This interview serie are for the candidates that are going to participate at the RKC Instructor Certification in Sweden 2012. Previous interviews has been in Swedish, this one is the first in English. Enjoy!

Hi! First, could you give a short presentation of who you are and what kind of training experience you have? 
My name is Martijn Bos. I am a trainer at Trainingscentrum Helena in Holland where a teach Krav Maga, Trojan Workout and Grappling/ MMA. I teach sport and exercise science at the University (Bachelor) in Haarlem.

How did you get in contact with kettlebell training and how long time have you been training kettlebells?
My first contact with kettlebell training was with Peter Lakatos. I was doing a Krav Maga course for Law Enforcement in Hungary. Peter was doing the organisation for this event. He told me about the kettlebell and showed me some techniques. This was in 2005. From that moment I started training with kettlebells and joint a couple of courses.

Why do you want to participate in RKC?
From what I have heard, RKC is the highest standard for learning how to use the kettlebell effectively. I want to experience this for myself. For me the physiology is more important, but I do want to learn all the exercises according to the RKC way.

What expectations do you have from RKC - expectations and worries?
I think that the course is going to be very tough. The combination of intensive physical work while keeping focus on the principles behind the work, makes it my personal challenge. I also think that you become a better instructor when you've experienced for yourself how it feels to get extremely exhausted from training.

What are your strengths and weaknesses now before RKC? Maybe you want to tell as about some personal records/best?
This month I've dislocated my key bone (AC). My biggest challenge is now to be fit in June and be able to do the snatchtest.

What does your training look like now - what do you train and what are your goals?
Normally, besides teaching (Krav Maga, MMA and Trojan Workout) I have 3 intensive workouts a week.  One strength training with low reps (5) Pull-up, squat, deadlift and one arm benchpress. One sport specific training. And one circuit on time. Besides my rehab now, I never train isolated muscles and I always end my workout as quick as possible, but within 30 minutes.

Why do you think kettlebell is a good form of training and who do you think can train with kettlebells?
I think that everybody can benefit from Kettlebell training. But I won't training children under the age of 16. I don't want to disrupt their hormones.

Thank you, Martijn, and good luck with the rehabilitation of the key bone! See you in June!

Do you like to participate in this interview serie as a RKC-candidate? Please send an email to: liljeros@kettlebellcenter.com

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  1. Thanks for this interview Liljeros!

    Nice Getup Martijn! I hope you recover quickly from your injury.

    Looking forward to see you this summer!

    /Fredrik RKC2